Mold Remediation Tips: How To Get The Job Done

Mold can grow in any moist environment. You could have mold growing in your shower or tub, or you could have it growing around the drain of your sinks. You may even have it elsewhere around your home and not even know about it. Some molds aren't as harmful as others; however, if you have mold, it should be cleaned and removed to prevent a health concern. Mold can aggravate health issues such as asthma or allergies, or it can create health issues, such as lung cancer. Read More 

Hardwood Floor Cleaning: Tips to Follow

Hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking fresh and to ensure the floors remain free of debris that can scratch or dull them. However, you cannot clean hardwood floors the same way you'd clean other types of solid flooring surfaces, you have to take certain precautions to keep hardwood in its healthiest form. If you are new to hardwood floor cleaning or you just want to make sure you're doing everything right, use this guide to assist you. Read More 

Tips To Clean Your Home Interior Up From Water Damage

Water leaking into your home through a roof, basement foundation, leaky pipe, or an outside water source can cause serious damage to your home in different levels. In addition to the potential for mold growth, floodwaters can contain raw sewage and bacteria, chemicals, and harmful substances you don't want saturating your home interior. However, if this type of damage does occur to your home, here are some recommendations to help you get through a water disaster in your home. Read More 

Attaining a Healthy, Clean Lawn

Spraying your lawn with a water hose is not effective in killing germs and it doesn't make a lot of sense to use soap products, which could harm healthy blades of grass or be difficult to rinse away. If your dog defecates on your lawn each day or if you have a concern about the sudden influx of mosquitoes that have been congregating near your porch, a lawn disinfecting session will kill germs on contact and will make the outdoor area safe for contact sports and other recreational activities that you and your family enjoy. Read More 

Care For Your Home’s Carpet

It's important for you to make sure you take proper care of your carpet if you are going to be able to have it for as long as you should be able to. If you allow the carpet to become neglected in any way, then it can start to look worn much faster and it can look dirty to a point where it is difficult to bring it back to a clean state again. Read More