Clay Tile Roof Looking Bad? Clean It To Make It Look New

If your clay tile roof is looking bad it may just need a good cleaning to make it look new again. Cleaning your roof can also help it last much longer, which can save you money. Keep reading to learn different ways you can clean your roof. Hire a Roof Cleaning Service The easiest way to get your clay tile roof clean is to hire a roof cleaning service. They know the best methods to use, as well as cleaning solutions. Read More 

Learn about Some Carpet Cleaning Extras You Can Have Done

Having your carpet cleaned annually will help you to get the most of it. The cleaning will also help the carpet to look newer and smell fresher. Allergens like pet dander and pollen will be removed much better with professional cleaning than with DIY cleaning. Also, when you have professional cleaners come out, there are a number of extra services you can have done that can be well worth it. You can learn more about some extra options you can choose to have done here:  Read More 

4 Types Of Commercial Janitorial Services That Your Business Needs

You may wonder why you have to hire commercial janitorial services when you can just delegate cleaning duties to your employees. That's probably because you don't fully understand the range of services offered by commercial janitors.  Your employees can certainly wipe tables, empty the trash cans, and even do a quick vacuum. But is that enough? Here are four types of commercial janitorial services that would benefit your business.  Moving Cleaning Read More 

Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor Professionally To Protect It For A Lifetime

Hardwood floors are made to last for decades and withstand excessive wear and tear. However, with time and countless spills, drops, and scratches, they will start showing signs of aging, especially on the high-traffic parts of the house, like the kitchen and the hallways. However, using the proper cleaning and maintenance techniques can keep your flooring as shiny and pristine as the day it was installed. Here are some tips that you will find very useful. Read More 

Manway Water Cannons: The Best Non-Entry Cleaning Solution For Industrial Tanks

Most industries store hazardous waste and chemicals like acid, caustic substances, and crude oil in tanks. These substances are a health and safety risk to humans and, therefore, need careful handling. Furthermore, with constant usage, industrial tanks accumulate sludge and grime. That is why appropriate non-entry cleaning is indispensable. Today, one of the best non-entry tank cleaning solutions is hydro jetting using a manway water cannon. What Is Manway Water Cannon Hydro Jetting? Read More