Do You Need Dry Cleaning Pick Up Services?

Imagine this scenario. You go to visit a friend, and you notice a bag of laundry sitting on his or her front porch bench. Maybe you think your friend had gotten mixed up and had left the bag there by mistake. Being the kind person you are, you brought the bag back in, as a thoughtful favor. You'd be surprised when your friend explains that the bag held things like shirts and other items that needed to be dry cleaned or laundered. Dry cleaning pick-up services would be by that very day. What a time-saver, right?

Maybe that scenario isn't exactly what happened that led you to be interested in having dry cleaning pick up yourself. No matter the scenario, are you wanting to know more about that kind of service? If so, you've come to the right place.

Totally Easy And Affordable - You might think that dry cleaning pick up services will cost an arm and a leg. Not so. In fact, most reputable dry cleaning companies give that service totally free of charge. You'll probably find that you'll even save money by not having to drive to the dry cleaners to drop off your items. Then, of course, you'd use even more gasoline when you return to the cleaners to pick up your order when it's ready. Just as important, your time is valuable, and this is just one less thing to accomplish on your to-do list.

​Exactly How You Want It - The dry cleaners want to provide perfect service to you. You name what you need for the items you send and that's what you'll get.

  • For instance, if you like light starch on your shirts, that can be easily arranged.
  • If you have stained items, simply mark the stains with a safety pin or a piece of red tape and add a note that says something like, Stain. 
  • Perhaps you want your clothes on your own hangers. Just send the hangers along with the items that are being cleaned and they'll come back on your hangers.
  • A huge perk is that you won't have to sort the items that need to be cleaned.
  • If the items include things that need to be washed, they will be sorted by color, washed, and then neatly folded.
  • Maybe you inadvertently include an item that will be damaged if it is dry cleaned. The workers will notice that and will send it right back to you with an explanation.

For more information on dry cleaning pick up, consider reaching out to your local dry cleaners.