Thinking About Carpet Replacement? Get Carpet Cleaning To Serve As A Guide

When you look at your home, you may feel like you are at a point in which you should replace your carpeting. But, you may not feel confident enough to make this decision on your own.

Leaning toward replacement is easy to do because you can look forward to getting brand-new carpet inside your home. However, you cannot go wrong with hiring a carpet cleaning company because they can clean your carpet and help you determine whether you should replace it soon.

Cleanliness Potential

An important piece of information that you will find out when you get carpet cleaning is how clean your carpet can look after professional service. For instance, you may have been investing your own time and effort into carpet cleaning for a while with moderate success. The carpet may end up looking a lot cleaner after you get through with the process, but you could be missing out on better results that professionals can produce with their cleaning equipment and methods.

All it may take is a thorough cleaning by a carpet cleaning company to determine that your carpet is not at the end of its lifespan and that you have more than a few good years left.

Stain Resilience

Although you can look forward to professionals being able to remove most stains from your carpeting, there are some situations in which stains are just not going to go away. If your carpet ends up being covered in these stains, you may want to start looking at new carpeting. This is something that you should easily be able to find out after you get professional stain cleaning.

Carpet Age

Another important factor to consider before you replace your carpet is its age. For instance, if the carpet has a 20-year texture retention warranty and it is nearing 20 years old or has even surpassed that mark, you may not want to put that much time and effort into upkeep. This is when you should look to replace the carpet and get another lengthy warranty to enjoy.


When carpet cleaners come over, you should get a thorough inspection of the carpet to determine whether the damage throughout the home is easily repairable. Minor rips and tears in areas that are hidden by furniture can be left untouched for a considerable amount of time. But, repairing noticeable damage in high-traffic areas may cost more money than it is worth.

If the damage is bad enough, you can request professionals not to clean the carpet and then start looking for replacement carpeting right away.

By scheduling an appointment with a carpet cleaning service, you can learn valuable information about your carpet and whether it is a smart idea to replace it with new carpeting.