What To Look For When Choosing An Office Janitorial Service

If you run a small business and have been running around cleaning by yourself, you may have decided that things need to change. You can do that by hiring a janitorial cleaning service. When you hire someone to clean your office you need to know exactly how you want it to be cleaned and organized. 

The best way to ensure you get what you want is to communicate what you need to be done in your office at any given time. Take a look at the most important things that your janitorial service should be doing regularly.


A good cleaning service should be dusting your office regularly. Make sure that you find out what they are using to dust. They should be using a microfiber cloth for most surfaces. You want to ensure that you do not sustain any scratches or other damage to your furniture. Accidents do happen, this is why you also need to ensure that you are selecting a service that is covered by insurance.

When cleaning surfaces such as desks, any papers, folders, and calendars should be lifted and under them cleaned. Just make sure they know to put everything back in its place once they have finished.


Good sanitation practice is one of the key things you need to look for when choosing janitorial services. Diseases can spread rapidly and when people start touching various areas they can easily pass on diseases to other people who touch them after that. There must be a strict sanitization policy followed by your janitorial service. You need to scrutinize this aspect of their services thoroughly. This is especially important if your office also services clients who come in at different points throughout the day. This intermingling can help to increase the chances of diseases spreading so your janitorial service must be excellent at sanitation.

Ease of Communication

While it's essential to have a checklist of the important things that a janitorial service needs to do in your office, you also need to make sure that you have high standards when it comes to how well your janitorial service communicates with you. Communication is key and if you cannot reach them to tell them about your wishes it is likely that things will not go well when they start cleaning your offices. Just be sure that any agency you choose has open lines of communication so that you can talk about the service they are providing.

For more information on janitorial services in your area, contact a professional.