4 Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen’s Grout

One part of the home that people hate cleaning is grout. Not only do people not know how to do it, but it can be quite labor-intensive to do so. That's why it helps to know the following tips when it comes to cleaning grout in your kitchen.

Sweep The Floor

The first thing that you need to do is sweep the floor to get rid of any loose debris that is on the surface. Make sure that you do a good job doing it because you do not want anything to get in the way of the cleaning solutions you will be putting on the floor later.

Apply Professional Strength Grout Cleaner

You'll want to use an alkaline cleaner to get rid of all the grease that is likely on the floor from the daily use of your kitchen. Then you'll cover the grout with an acid-based cleaning solution, which gets deep into the grout and removes any stains on the surface. While you can use two separate cleaning solutions to do this, you can buy a professional strength cleaning solution that combines both of them. This makes it possible to clean the grout with a single cleaning solution application. 

Agitate The Grout With A Brush

You'll want the cleaning solution to soak into the grout for the required amount of time. Then you'll need to scrub the grout using a grout brush. What makes a grout brush unique is that it has an outward curve that is designed to go into the groove where the grout is located. You can then move it in a back-and-forth motion to get the most contact with the grout. 

Consider getting a grout brush that has a handle attachment, so that you don't have to get on your hands and knees to scrub the grout. It doesn't require hard scrubbing, because you will be surprised at how easy the grime comes out of the group with a moderate amount of pressure. 

Mop The Floor

The final step is to mop the floor using soap and water. You'll want to clean up any residual cleaning solution that is still on the floor. Keep rinsing your mop off in a bucket and going over the floor until all the cleaning solution is gone. 

Does it feel too hard to clean your kitchen's grout on your own? Contact a professional tile and grout cleaning service to do it for you.