Why Mold Removal Can’t Be Done On Your Own

If you have mold in your property, the first thing you should think about is cleaning it up. There are several ways people attempt to clean up mold, including painting over mold stains, using bleach to remove mold, and even just wiping moldy areas up with other household cleaning agents.

While these mold removal tactics appear to work because they cover up the smell and stains of mold, they don't often fully work. There are so many different types of mold in the home that it's nearly impossible to identify any type of mold in the first place, let alone to know how to remove each different strain or type of mold.

Residential mold removal specialists are trained professionals who are skilled in taking mold out of houses and buildings. You should leave your mold removal needs to them. Here are a few reasons why mold removal can't be done on your own.

Mold spores spread easily

Mold spores are easy to spread, and an untrained mold removal person can cause more damage than good, even during a cleanup process. If you have not been trained to professionally deal with mold, then you risk causing more damage during the mold removal process than good. You potentially risk making your mold problem worse trying to remove it yourself.

A mold removal treatment varies in cost depending on the area being treated. For a small area, you won't pay much, but for a whole residential mold removal treatment of an entire house, expect to pay between $10 per square foot to around $25. The sooner you have mold removal done in your home, sooner you can repair it and have your mold taken care of without the process being too expensive.

Mold spores are dangerous

Mold doesn't have to be toxic to be dangerous. It can cause upper respiratory issues and skin problems in some people, especially those who have compromised immune systems or who are allergic to mold in the first place. Trying to do mold removal on your own can lead to you getting sick, especially when you don't know what type of mold you're working with.

Luckily, most residential mold removal efforts don't revolve around toxic mold, but that doesn't mean you don't have to have the mold taken out professionally. A professional mold removal specialist knows how to take mold out in a safe and effective way so you and your family can remain safe. Call a residential mold removal specialist for a consultation today.