4 Vital Steps To Take After Water Damage

The impact of water damage on a home can be devastating. It can happen from leaks, pipe bursts, or natural causes like flooding. Calling a water damage recovery company can help you work on the repairs promptly and comprehensively. 

But before you call in water damage recovery experts, there are other steps you also need to take to ensure a smooth and effective water damage recovery.

1. Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company to report the damage to your home. An insurance agent will explain the available options for covering the costs per your policy. You should get evidence like photos to support your insurance claim during the restoration process. 

2. Consider Your Safety

It's wise to turn off your power once you realize there is water damage in your home. Also, if you can identify the source of the leaks, then cut off the supply to prevent further damage. Water and electricity can cause more havoc to your residence if not correctly handled. Thus, let water damage restoration professionals assess the damage and assist with the restoration.

3. Look Out for Any Complications That May Arise From the Water Damage

There are some repairs you can DIY. However, having an expert work on it is a foolproof way of residential water damage restoration. The experts will investigate the cause of the water damage and resolve the issue. Look out for the signs of water damage to your home and contact the experts immediately.   

4. Work With a Water Recovery Company To Start the Repairs

Once you're certain of your safety and insurance protection, call the water damage recovery experts. They will assess the damage and its cause before taking on the repair work. They may also help you relocate to safety while they continue with repairs in your home. 

First, they will work on the drying process by draining away the excess water at the residence. These professionals will take out wet items in the house and initiate drying by running humidifiers or air conditioners to facilitate the process. This drying process prevents mold formation due to excessive moisture. The experts will also tackle mold removal in your home. 

The restoration process can start as early as a few hours after drying. They will consider the safety of your assets and if they are salvageable. They may rebuild or repair some items or parts like walls and floors of the house depending on the damage level.

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