Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Home Inspection

Purchasing a home can be costly, so you want to invest your money in the right home. Therefore, if you want to take up a home offer, don't sign the contract without carrying out a home inspection. Ideally, home inspectors check the condition of the entire home and report the repairs needed for your potential home. Here are the reasons you shouldn't skip a home inspection.

Saves Money 

A house may look attractive, but its systems may have significant problems. For instance, the attic may have a mold problem, or the foundation may be compromised. You may not notice such issues by viewing the house from the outside. Therefore, you may move into a substandard home and spend a lot on repairs. Fortunately, home inspection services establish the current state of a house. 

If the home has such significant issues, you may want to avoid signing the purchase contract until the sellers fix these issues. Alternatively, if you settle for that home, you can negotiate with the sellers for a credit. This means that you incur the repair costs but deduct these expenses from the buying price of your home. This way, you save money.

Ensures Safety

A home inspection may entail different tests, including radon and carbon monoxide testing. Prolonged exposure to these gasses can cause respiratory issues, including lung cancer. Hence, you want to determine the air quality in a home to protect your health. Also, if you move into a home with high levels of these gasses, remediation services may be costly. 

Besides, a home with poor structural integrity may collapse, causing injuries. Treating such injuries may be costly. Sometimes, such accidents can be fatal. Inspecting a home can identify these structural concerns early. You or your seller can perform the required repairs to restore the home's structural integrity. This improves the safety of your home.

Discloses Illegal Home Additions

Contractors should follow specific building codes when remodeling their homes. Therefore, you may face legal issues if you purchase a home whose construction isn't in line with the building code provided. This may lead to the payment of heavy fines. 

Also, illegal constructions may cause tax increments, or insurers may not insure such constructions. In return, your home may remain unprotected, risking significant losses. In this regard, a home inspection can help expose illegal home additions or installations. Such revelations can prevent you from purchasing a home that will cause problems for you.

Home inspections ensure your home's safety, save money, and reveal illegal home installations. You shouldn't skip a home inspection for these reasons.