Protecting Your Home With Crawlspace Encapsulation Services

Waterproofing and encapsulating your home's crawlspace can be important steps to take to keep the structure from needing major repairs in the future. While waterproofing this area of a home can be a common type of work to do, it is a process that is often poorly understood by homeowners that would be able to benefit from it.

Myth: Crawlspace Encapsulation Provides Little In Terms Of Benefits

There are some homeowners that may simply fail to appreciate the full range of benefits that they can enjoy by investing in having their crawlspace encapsulated. Failing to have this work done to the home can dramatically increase the risks of this area developing significant water damage that may be fairly costly to repair. For example, this could involve the need to replace rotted components, invest in mold remediation and other restoration work. A crawlspace that has been encapsulated will be far more resistant to this water as it will utilize vapor barriers and ventilation to minimize the amount of moisture that seeps into this vulnerable area of the house.

Myth: Crawlspace Encapsulation Will Involve Major Structural Changes To The House

Overestimating the amount of structural work that will need to be done to the home to protect its crawlspace against moisture damage can be a mistake that may easily lead to someone failing to undertake this project for their house. However, it is usually possible to encapsulate a crawlspace without the need to invest in completing major structural work to the home. In most cases, this process will only require the installation of vapor barriers, the application of sealants and the placement of ventilation fans. As a result, this home improvement project can typically be completed in as little as a day or two with minimal changes to the home.

Myth: Every Home's Crawlspace Encapsulation Needs Will Be Roughly The Same

It should be noted that there can be considerable variation in the water damage threat that different homes will face. For example, it is possible for one home to be far more vulnerable to suffering significant water damage issues as a result of the soil around the house having poor drainage. This could allow it to retain large amounts of water, which may have an easier time seeping back into the home. A professional assessment of the home will be one of the first steps that a professional crawlspace encapsulation service will want to perform as it can give them insights into the particular threats the home faces from moisture intrusion.