Clay Tile Roof Looking Bad? Clean It To Make It Look New

If your clay tile roof is looking bad it may just need a good cleaning to make it look new again. Cleaning your roof can also help it last much longer, which can save you money. Keep reading to learn different ways you can clean your roof.

Hire a Roof Cleaning Service

The easiest way to get your clay tile roof clean is to hire a roof cleaning service. They know the best methods to use, as well as cleaning solutions. One thing the roof cleaning service may use is a pressure washer – as this does a good job at getting dirt, grime, moss, algae, etc. off a roof. Pressure washing a roof in the wrong way can damage the clay tiles so you should never try this on your own. A roof cleaning service knows the right setting for the pressure washer, so it does not cause any damage.

When the roof cleaning service is finished cleaning, they may put algaecide on the roof. This is beneficial as algaecide will help prevent algae from growing on the roof again, which can save you a lot of time and money. 

Clean the Roof Yourself

If you do not want to hire a professional, you can clean your clay roof tile yourself. Make sure you have someone to help you do this as you will need to climb up on a ladder, which can be dangerous. 

Purchase cleaner that is made to clean clay roofing tiles to ensure you get the job done. You can find this cleaner at most home improvement stores, or you can ask a roofing contractor where to buy it. First, use a leaf blower to remove leaves and other debris. 

You can purchase a roofing brush to clean off moss, algae, etc. Purchase cleaner that you can put in a sprayer to spray on the roof. Most cleaners are made to kill algae, moss, etc. on the roof so leave it on for the specified time. Once the roofing is clean, use a hose with a garden sprayer nozzle to rinse it off. When walking on the roof be careful or you could damage the roofing tiles resulting in roof repair. The best place to step is at close to the edge of the roof as you can get.

The roofing contractor can give you much more information on cleaning your clay tile roof and tips on keeping it maintained. For more information about cleaning your roof, contact a pressure washing service in your area.