Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor Professionally To Protect It For A Lifetime

Hardwood floors are made to last for decades and withstand excessive wear and tear. However, with time and countless spills, drops, and scratches, they will start showing signs of aging, especially on the high-traffic parts of the house, like the kitchen and the hallways. However, using the proper cleaning and maintenance techniques can keep your flooring as shiny and pristine as the day it was installed. Here are some tips that you will find very useful. 

Sweeping a Hardwood Floor

Most people use the standard hard-bristled broom for all floor surfaces in their homes. However, if you want to care for your precious wood properly, you should switch to a broom that includes soft bristles. Regular sweeping with a soft-bristled brush removes dirt and debris from the floor without creating scratches and other surface damage. Also, make it a habit to remove your shoes before getting into the house, especially if you wear high-heeled shoes. 

Vacuuming the Floor

You can also vacuum your hardwood floor, but ensure you adjust it to the soft bristle setting. Use the bare floor setting as it will clean the floor gently without introducing any scratches and other damage on it. Also, consider adding rugs in high-traffic areas to take on spills and stains before they reach your wood. In addition, ensure that you install breathable mats to avoid mold damage. 

Cleaning Spills

It's generally recommended that you wipe the wooden floor immediately after you notice a stain to protect the wood from warping. You might also want to go for pre-finished floors because they can repel stains. Older floors need manual stain removal using a microfiber mop and a specific cleaner for hardwoods. Avoid using water to clean the floor because it will damage the wood with time. 

Deep Cleaning the Floor

You can deep clean your hardwood floors occasionally, especially for homes with pets and children. Deep cleaning eliminates stains from food, pet urine, and debris that can scratch or embed in the wood leading to wear and dull floors over time. You can use vinegar with a lot of water to clean the floor, but it is crucial to try it on a small portion of your flooring before cleaning the rest of the floor since vinegar can dull some floor finishes. 

These are simple and effective cleaning techniques for your wooden floor. Remember to ask professionals in hardwood floor cleaning services to carry out the cleaning and maintenance for best results. For more information, contact a company like Leo's Holland Floor Maintenance.