Randon Home Inspection: What Home Owners, Buyers, and Sellers Should Know

Radon, a component of decayed uranium, is a highly radioactive, odorless, and toxic gas, primarily if exposure occurs in large amounts. Due to its high level of permeability, it penetrates through various building materials like concrete and wood. Read on to learn more about radon and home testing services. 

Levels of Exposure of Radon

The exposure of this gas varies with the level of concentration involved. The higher the concentration level, the more vulnerable you are to the health risks associated with it. Scientific research shows that radon responsible for approximately 22,000 cases of death emanating from lung cancer within the US. Among patients with lung cancer who aren't smokers, this gas is the top contributor to their cases.

Importance of Radon Testing and its Effects

While this is one of the under-looked activities, it makes sense to carry out tests to curb gas exposure. They are carried out within 48 hours with radon monitors. It's important to consider a radon home test because the long-term effect of randon is dying from lung cancer caused by inhaling it in high concentration.

Types of Radon Testing

There are three main types of tests:

  1. Short-term: This includes absorbing the gas from the environment through the use of charcoal. After this, the sample is then taken to determine the intensity of radon exposure within your house.
  2. Long-term: This involves the use of a plastic sheet that allows it to decay inside it. The samples are then observed microscopically, and then the exposure levels are determined. Their time frame can be as short as 1–3 months and as long as 12 months depending on where you live.
  3. Continuous: This features monitoring radon levels in relation to the decay products. 

These tests are carried out by trained professionals that can interpret the results and advise on the mitigation measures. Some of the methods used involve ionization chamber, solid-state detection, and scintillation. For the short and long-term testing, it is unnecessary to have professional assistance since you can do them. As for continuous, it needs professionals to oversee the process.

Time and Frequency of Randon home Inspection 

Randon test is recommended before you sell or buy a house. The time frame for tests runs for as little as 48 hours. Some take months to give accurate results. They should be done after 2–5 years to ensure safety. Again, this depends on where you live, so reach out to radon home testing services to learn about your local requirements. 

It is practical to take these tests to ensure your safety along with that of your family. The earlier it is detected, the better it is for you to take action. Contact radon home inspection services to begin the process.