3 Tips For Controlling The Spread Of Germs In Your Office

Keeping your office clean is essential when you want to slow down or stop the spread of germs. A clean office also makes a better impression on your visitors. While you'll want to hire a commercial cleaning service to clean your office regularly, and you may also need to do spot cleaning throughout the day. Here are some tips for keeping your office clean and for reducing the spread of germs.

1. Keep Trash Under Control

If your commercial cleaning service comes in every night to clean, taking out the trash is one of the most important things they can do. If your service doesn't come every day, someone in your office should at least bag and take out the trash, even if they don't do any other cleaning.

Trash cans are sources of foul odors and germs. People throw used tissues, food containers, drink cans, and other contaminated trash in the can, where it can attract bugs and be a source of germs if anyone reaches into the can to retrieve something or pushes down on the trash when the can is too full.

2. Leave Disinfecting Supplies In The Open

A commercial cleaning service usually supplies their own cleaning products for cleaning and sanitizing your office, but when you are concerned about the spread of viruses, it's a good idea to leave disinfecting supplies out for guests and employees to use. Ask your cleaning service for advice on products to buy, or check the EPA website for a list of products proven to kill viruses in the workplace.

You can keep spray sanitizer and wipes in the break room and in restrooms for employees to use throughout the day to keep their work area as sanitary as possible. You may even want to provide a training class on when to use the products and how to use them safely. Daily use of sanitizers, coupled with deep cleaning from a commercial cleaning service, ensures your building and equipment are kept as clean as possible.

3. Focus On The Bathrooms

Restrooms, particularly those used by the general public, are often the most difficult part of the office to keep clean. People don't always treat public bathrooms the same way that they do their bathrooms at home. You might have to deal with overflowing waste cans, dirty floors, and bad odors.

While your cleaning service will deep clean the bathrooms with each visit, you might also want to set up a system where certain employees check and lightly clean the bathroom several times a day. This keeps trash under control and ensures there are no major problems with the toilets or sinks. Plus, spraying the faucet and toilet handles frequently could help reduce the spread of germs.