3 Simple Ways You Know Your Air Ducts Are Grimy And Needs Professional Cleaning

The quality of the air you breathe inside your home depends on the state of your air ducts. When the air ducts are clean and well maintained, it's hard for the dust, debris, pollen, and other types of airborne dirt to get into your house or even appliances like the air conditioning system. However, sometimes the filters are old, which can lower their efficiency in keeping dirt out of the ducts. You can tell that your ducts need cleaning when the quality of your indoor air gets compromised.

Here are three of the most common indications that your air ducts need professional cleaning. 

Mold in the House

The first way you can tell that your house has dirty vents is the musty odor that characterizes a mold infestation. The problem with mold is that once it starts growing inside the vents, the spores get distributed by the circulating air, and it can lead to massive damage all over the house. Mold also causes allergies, which can be very uncomfortable for people prone to respiratory health problems. 

However, it's a problem that routine air duct cleaning will help you avoid. A professional air duct cleaner knows the right chemicals to use when cleaning your air ducts. They have to be careful when cleaning the ducts because the products they use will also become part of the indoor air. But this shouldn't bother you because the professionals will clean the air ducts using cleaning products that won't compromise your health and indoor air quality.

Dust That Doesn't Go Away

Another way you can tell that the ducts need thorough cleaning is if the presence of dust doesn't go away, regardless of how much you try to clean. When there is stubborn dust inside the vents, most of it will remain behind after cleaning the ducts, especially when you clean them yourself. Unfortunately, the remaining dust will then escape into the system and later get blown out into your indoor air. However, hiring an expert to clean the ducts helps end the cycle. With cleaner indoor air, your home becomes more comfortable to live in.

You Just Remodeled Your Home

Remodeling your home is a great idea, but it may affect you in some unanticipated ways. For instance, a lot of dust may get into the air conditioner system during the renovation process. That's why remodeling contractors generally cover the floor registers and other outlets to keep the dust out. However, some dust will still get inside the system. For this reason, it's advisable to call professionals to clean the air ducts immediately after the remodeling process to enjoy having a clean home.

Regular air duct cleaning keeps the disease-causing organisms out of your airways and increases the efficiency of the system. However, ensure you always hire a competent professional to handle the cleaning process so you can get quality results. Contact a duct cleaning service for more information.