Why You Should Evacuate Your Office Building When Hiring A Disinfection Service

You might have decided to use a disinfection service to have your office building cleaned. If this is the case, then you will probably want to ask all of your employees and others to leave the building when the disinfection service arrives. It might not seem necessary to completely evacuate the building while it's being cleaned, but you'll probably find that it's a good idea to do so for these reasons and more.

The Company Might Require You To

Before the disinfection crew arrives at your office, ask them about any policies and requirements that they have. They might require that you evacuate the building before they begin working, for example. They might have other requirements, too; for example, they might require you to move certain items — such as big, bulky items — out of the way beforehand so that they can work.

You Can Prevent Anyone From Being Exposed to Something Contagious

If you are hiring a disinfection service to come and clean your office because someone who is sick has recently been in your office, then you should think about the possibility of one of your employees or someone else getting sick due to exposure. After all, this is probably one of the main reasons why you have decided to hire a disinfection service. If you evacuate the entire building as soon as you are aware of the exposure — and if you wait to allow anyone into your building again until you know that it has been properly cleaned by a disinfection service — then you can help greatly reduce the chances of anyone getting sick.

You Can Make Things Easier for the Cleaning Crew

As you probably already realize, disinfection crews do a very important and difficult job. By evacuating the building before the crew arrives, you can make things a whole lot easier and more comfortable for the people who will be focusing on properly cleaning and sanitizing your office building. Plus, by making things easier for them, you might be able to reduce your costs, and you can probably make sure that the cleaning job will be done in a lot less time, too.

You Can Prevent Anyone From Being Harmed by Cleaning Chemicals

Of course, chemicals do have to be used during the disinfection process. These chemicals and their fumes could be harmful to your employees and others, so you can help keep everyone safe and comfortable by evacuating the building beforehand.

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