Hardwood Floor Cleaning: Tips to Follow

Hardwood floors should be cleaned regularly to keep them looking fresh and to ensure the floors remain free of debris that can scratch or dull them. However, you cannot clean hardwood floors the same way you'd clean other types of solid flooring surfaces, you have to take certain precautions to keep hardwood in its healthiest form. If you are new to hardwood floor cleaning or you just want to make sure you're doing everything right, use this guide to assist you.

Never mop your floor wet

Water will cause hardwood floors to warp and can weaken the seal on the hardwood in general. You can mop floors with a damp mop that is quickly followed by a dry mopping method, but you should never mop your floors with a soaking wet mop or a steamer mop.

The best way to mop your floors is this: using a lightly damp rag or towel, gently sweep over sticky or debris-ridden parts of your hardwood floor. Immediately follow with a dry rag to remove any moisture or dampness to the floor. Avoid seams where hardwood pieces connect to prevent warping or buckling your floors.

Never use cleaning chemicals

The only chemicals used on your hardwood floors should be those used by your hardwood floor services company when they professionally tend to your floors. Otherwise, you should never use any type of cleaning chemical on your hardwood. There are two reasons why: first, cleaning chemicals can leave residue behind, dulling your hardwood floor cleaning efforts and making your floors look like they were not cleaned. The residue can even build up over time and make it harder to keep your floors from being sticky or tacky.

Secondly, some cleaning chemicals can actually damage your hardwood and dry the floors out. If your hardwood floors are properly sealed, the damage may be less severe, but older, drier hardwood floors should be especially protected against harsher cleaning agents. Check any cleaning agent to make sure it's safe for hardwood before using it on your floors.

Call your hardwood floor cleaning specialists if you are unsure of your hardwood floor cleaning needs. If your floors have not been sealed or sanded in some time, it's time to give your hardwood floor services company a call. This way, you can ensure that your cleaning efforts are causing no harm to your floors and you can keep your hardwood floors looking great for years to come. 

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