Care For Your Home’s Carpet

It's important for you to make sure you take proper care of your carpet if you are going to be able to have it for as long as you should be able to. If you allow the carpet to become neglected in any way, then it can start to look worn much faster and it can look dirty to a point where it is difficult to bring it back to a clean state again. Here are some tips to follow to keep your carpet looking as good as possible, for as long as possible: 

Rearrange your furniture regularly

When you keep your furniture in the same place, then you and everyone in the household will walk in the same areas. This causes the carpet that is always walked on to become worn while the carpet that is under the furniture will still look like new. So, while the carpet under the furniture might last you for many years, the carpet that is walked on will end up needing to be replaced much sooner. When you make it a point to move things around, it causes everyone to walk on other parts of the carpet. This means the carpet will last a lot longer before it will need to be replaced. 

Don't use area rugs

When you use an area rug that covers a part of the carpet, the rug will constantly push the carpet down. Also, it won't be vacuumed with the rest of the carpet each time, unless you make a point of doing so, which most people don't. The areas covered by rugs can end up with a flat carpet that can't be brought back to life. 

Vacuum regularly

Even if your carpet doesn't look dirty, you still want to vacuum it regularly or have a professional vacuum it regularly. Vacuuming regularly doesn't only help remove dirt, it also prevents the carpet from becoming flat. If the carpet becomes flat, then it will be difficult to bring it back to its true state. This can leave you needing to replace it sooner. 

Have it professionally cleaned 

You want to have your carpet professionally cleaned once every year to every year and a half. If you have pets in the home, then you shouldn't go longer than a year. Making sure it is professionally cleaned regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep it looking good for as long as possible. Reach out to a carpet cleaning service to learn more.