Attaining a Healthy, Clean Lawn

Spraying your lawn with a water hose is not effective in killing germs and it doesn't make a lot of sense to use soap products, which could harm healthy blades of grass or be difficult to rinse away. If your dog defecates on your lawn each day or if you have a concern about the sudden influx of mosquitoes that have been congregating near your porch, a lawn disinfecting session will kill germs on contact and will make the outdoor area safe for contact sports and other recreational activities that you and your family enjoy.

A Lawn Cleanup, a Cut, and an Assessment

If you are pretty consistent with cleaning up your dog's waste, a quick walkthrough of the property will ensure that you didn't miss any piles of waste. Your lawn should be clear and freshly cut before receiving an assessment from a team of lawn specialists who provide a disinfecting service. Products that are used to disinfect a lawn include a chlorine bleach solution, commercial disinfectants, and organic products.

A healthy lawn can withstand a bleach or a commercial grade disinfectant, but a lawn that possesses dry patches of grass or that has been riddled with weeds and pests for some time may require a less potent formula. During the assessment, you may be advised to treat your lawn with a crop and turf fertilizer, which will aid in restoring nutrients to the property.

If grass and low lying shrubs are only slightly malnourished, a disinfecting session may still be necessary, but a product that doesn't contain harsh chemicals will likely be utilized during the application process. When your lawn is sprayed, a disinfectant will be dispersed evenly across grassy surfaces. Disinfectants can be used to treat small trees, shrubs, and any other growth that could have parasites on it. After the disinfectant penetrates each treated surface, the product is rinsed away. Germs, eggs, and larva are destroyed during the treatment.

Spot Touchups and Routine Maintenance

If your dog has a dog run outdoors or an area where you chain your pet up each day, you are going to have additional occasions in which disinfecting the property is necessary. To cut back on the need to have your entire yard treated, confine your dog to a set area, or walk your dog on surfaces that are not covered in grass. Ask your lawn care team about products that you can use to perform spot touchups. Spot treatments will require you to use a small pump bottle to administer a disinfectant and administering water to the treated surface. 

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