Why Consider Carpet Patching Over Carpet Replacement In A Single Room?

Unless you're planning on entirely replacing your carpet due to an upgrade, then hiring carpet repair services to do carpet patching in a single room can be a great idea. Carpet patching is a process of isolating a worn, damaged, or missing area of carpeting within a larger solid piece and making the carpet look good as new again. Whether your carpeted floors have stains, burn marks, worn and threadbare spots, or have other issues you need to have addressed, here are reasons to consider carpet patching over carpet replacement.

You save money

If you have minimal damage to your flooring, your costs can be minimal. For example, removing stains in the carpet of a single room can be as cheap as 20 cents per square foot for both cleaning and stain removal. More extensive carpet repair services are also cost-effective, varying between $50 and $580 depending on what the damage is. Carpet patching for holes begins around $140.

Carpet repair services can be much cheaper than removing and replacing your carpet, even if there is extensive damage to your carpet. Your carpet specialist will give you a quote for their services so you can compare the costs of doing carpet patching and other services to replacing carpet overall.

You preserve carpeting

Is the carpet you have in a single room a remnant of a discontinued brand or style? Is the carpet custom in color or patterning? Is the carpet made of wool or other pricier material, so preserving the carpeting is of utmost importance to you, even though the carpeting is damaged? If preserving your carpeting is what you're after, then carpet patching can be beneficial to you.

Your carpet repair specialist will first want to go over your carpeting to get an idea of how extensive the damage is, and if the carpet is too far gone to be completely repaired, your carpet patching specialist will give you options to improve your carpet as much as possible.

Patching damaged areas is just one of the ways your carpet repair company can improve the look and health of the carpeting in a single room. From steam cleaning to repairing holes to restoring the color of carpet, your carpet repair services company will help you keep your carpets in their best condition. As soon as you notice small flaws and rips in your carpets, call for carpet patching services right away.