Tub And Shower Cleaning Hacks

Proper cleaning of your home is important for a few reasons. While it can keep a space appealing and functional, cleaning in the right way will also ensure that your home provides a healthy environment. The bathroom, unfortunately, is one of the most challenging and least desirable areas of the home to clean. Fortunately, help is available when tackling the tub and shower, which are common areas where dirt, bacteria, and soap scum build up quickly over time. Here are a few tub and shower cleaning hacks to consider.

Squeegee It

A squeegee tool is one item you definitely need when cleaning your tub and shower, especially when cleaning the glass surround of these areas. The rubber blade of the squeegee is capable of removing soapy residue and cleaning solutions without much effort. Of course, you may not know how to use this tool correctly.

To get started, spray a glass cleaner or a solution made out of white vinegar and water onto the glass doors and surrounds. Allow the solution to sit and soak the glass for a few seconds. The glass cleaner or vinegar will eat through tough dirt, soap scum, and water spots with ease.

After the cleaning solution soaks for a good amount of time, move the rubber blade of the squeegee tool down the glass. After each swipe of the squeegee, wipe off the rubber blade with a cloth before swiping the squeegee tool down the glass again.

Juice It

Lemon juice is also an effective solution for removing soap scum from your bath tub and shower. While surprising to learn, lemon and baking soda together will clean and enhance the look and overall shine of the tile and glass in your tub and shower.

To use this cleaning hack, cut a fresh lemon in half. Then, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the flat side of the lemon half. Use this half to clean/wash the interior of your tub and shower. Move across the entire tub and shower interior, including the tile and glass portions.

After cleaning with the lemon and baking soda, rinse out the interior of your tub and shower with water. Then, use the rubber squeegee tool to remove any leftover residue.

From dirt and bacteria to mold growth, cleaning your tub and shower does not have to be an overwhelming process. With these simple hacks, you will enjoy clean, appealing, and healthy spaces for bathing and showering.

If you need a deeper clean, a local company offering residential cleaning services can help make sure your bathroom is sanitized and sparkling.