Additional Cleaning Services Your Carpet Professional Can Offer To You

When your home's carpeting starts to show dirt and wear from constant traffic through your home, you know its time to hire a carpet cleaning service. They can clean your carpets to remove stains and restore your home's carpets to a clean surface once more. In addition to cleaning your home's carpets, carpet professionals can often clean other areas in your home and in your vehicles. Here are just some of the services you can take advantage of to keep your life more clean.

Dryer Vents

Your clothes dryer collects an abundance of lint from clothes, sheets, and towels when it dries them each week. And after every load of dry clothes, you know how important it is to clean out the lint collector, but this may not be enough. Even when you do your best to remove the lint from the vent, it can still collect down inside your dryer vent and also through the exhaust line to the outside.

A collection of dryer lint can put your dryer and home at risk of a fire, especially considering the amount of heated air that flows through the line. Talk to your carpet cleaning professional about cleaning out your dryer's lint collection area and ventilation line, including the exhaust pipe outside of the dryer. They can remove the build-up of dust and lint that collects here to prevent the risk of fire.


Your home's tile flooring, backsplash, and shower walls can accumulate dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from traffic and abundant moisture. Especially if your tile grout is white, it can begin to look dingy and stained. And even though it is not carpeting, some carpet cleaning professionals can clean your tile grout with a steam-cleaning process to remove mold and mildew and to lift stains that can settle within its porous surface. After you have cleaned your tile and grout, you should consider sealing the grout to block it from further stains.


Furniture upholstery within your home can become just as stained as your carpeting, especially when you have small children or pets. Upholstery can begin to show signs of marks from dirt and stains from food and drinks. Your professional carpet cleaning service can steam clean your upholstery in the same manner as your carpets to remove the toughest stains.

There are specific treatments available which your carpet professional can use that allow your upholstery to dry quickly so you don't have to wait hours for them to dry. If the upholstery in your vehicles has become dingy, cleaning professionals can also clean your vehicle interior to restore the upholstery and remove any dirt and stains.