Starting A New Job? You May Want To Invest In Dry Cleaning Delivery

If you are getting into an industry with a more stringent dress code, you may want to look into dry cleaning services nearby. Nice suits, uniforms, and lab coats shouldn't be washed at home since they degrade, shrink, fade, and pill. Even if you work a labor-intensive job, you'll find that "wet" cleaning won't get rid of oil or grease stains. Here are some questions you may have about dry cleaning delivery.

How does it work?

Every company is different, but you'll usually have two main options: scheduled service or on-demand service. If you work in a medical sector and always need clean scrubs, then you'll likely want to schedule regular pickup at home or your clinic. If you only need to dry clean a suit, then you may want to schedule a pickup or drop off. To space out your dry cleanings, keep your suit pressed and hanging in the closet—either covered or slightly separated from other pieces. You can schedule these pickups by phone, but many places have online scheduling or even phone apps.

How much does it cost to dry clean a suit?

Angie's List says that there are numerous considerations when it comes to cost. Eco-friendly dry cleaners usually charge more because the process is more complex. Garments that haven't been spot-treated for stains cost more, so if you can, keep a stain-remover pen at work. If you are also getting the suit pressed and delivered, you can expect to pay the driver $5 to $10 each way just for the delivery aspect.

Do you need to tip the dry cleaning service?

Real Simple says that generally you can skip the tip when it comes to dry cleaning. However, if you are having the garments delivered to you, you may want to give a tip to the driver if they are doing a last-minute drop off, delivering lots of garment bags, or traveling in inclement weather.

How long will it take for the clothes to be ready?

Dry cleaning takes a little longer than at-home laundry, so you should have a few suits or sets of uniforms in rotation. Again, while every place is different, you will likely have your clothes dropped off in two or three days. If you need to have the suit sooner, the company may be willing to hasten the turn-around time for a fee.

Start your new job off on the right foot. Find a dry cleaning service in your area, like Rockwood Dry Cleaners, to have any other questions about dry cleaning answered.