Getting A New Apartment So You Can Adopt A Puppy? Watch Out For The Carpeting!

It can be challenging to find an apartment or rental home that allows dogs, and even more challenging to get an approval for a tenant who wants to welcome a new puppy into their new rental unit. If you dream of having a puppy, you may salivate when you see apartments available that allow pets. Many landlords that do allow pets require a pet security deposit, which can be used later to pay for repairs of damage caused by the pet. If you are renting an apartment or house and have given a security deposit specifically to cover damage from your puppy, you'll obviously want to make sure your puppy doesn't cause any damages as it grows up. But, potty-training accidents do happen. Here's how to avoid the damages. 

Don't Wait to Blot Up Accidents 

Don't wait to clean up after a potty-training accident. You want to remove the urine from the carpeting as soon as possible before it soaks through to the padding underneath. This means you'll need to always be prepared with a roll of paper towels to blot up as much of the urine as possible as soon as you notice the accident. The cleaning agent you use should be one that is formulated with odor neutralizers to effectively eliminate the odors. But first, be sure to spot check the carpeting in an inconspicuous place to make sure the chemicals will not ruin the carpet. The most important part of this is to always pay attention to your little puppy so you can see signs of when he or she is taking a little tinkle right there on the carpet, then act quickly to blot up the mess with an odor-neutralizing cleaner. 

Have the Carpets Professionally Cleaned

If your little canine has had more accidents than you'd care to admit, it may save you money in the long run to have the carpets professionally cleaned after your puppy has been thoroughly trained, and again later if it has medical problems that cause it to be unable to hold urine. When discussing the carpet cleaning with the professional cleaning service, be sure to tell them which brand of cleaners and odor neutralizers you have used over time. That way, they can check the condition of the carpet and determine whether or not the carpeting needs to be rinsed first before they use any of their professional-strength carpet cleaning detergents on the carpeting. 

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