Tame The Kitchen Chaos: How To Get Your Messy Kitchen Looking Like New Again

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. You consume and prepare your meals in the kitchen, your kids gather around the kitchen table to tackle their homework, and at gatherings, your guests like to congregate in the kitchen for great conversation and delicious food. If your messy kitchen is keeping you from using it to the best of your ability, it is time to take steps to get your kitchen looking its best.

1. Declutter Your Counters

Start with the kitchen counters; a decluttered area is much easier to keep clean. First, get rid of any old papers that you no longer need. File any bills or documents that you do need.

Then, determine what small appliances you want to keep on your counter. If you only use your food processor every couple of weeks, it makes little sense to devote precious counter space to a seldom-used appliance. Instead, stow it in your cabinets or pantry.

Outfit your counters with baskets to contain items that you do want to keep within reach. For example, you may have a basket for fruit or for your incoming mail. Make sure that you go through any baskets or storage containers each week to maintain a tidy appearance.

2. Have Your Floors Professionally Cleaned

Over time, it is common for your kitchen floors to accumulate hard-to-remove stains. This is especially true if your floor has light-colored grout. 

It is extremely difficult to make discolored light-colored grout look like new again, and cleaning grout on your own is a time-consuming process that can take hours to complete. Instead, hire a professional to tackle your tile and grout cleaning. Professionals have the necessary equipment to remove even old stains and spills from your floor in a fraction of the time. Afterwards, your kitchen will look like it has a completely new floor. 

3. Clean Your Appliances

Not only will clean appliances make your kitchen look better, but they will also make it possible for you to fully utilize your kitchen. For example, your microwave might have splatters on the interior that keep you from using it to quickly heat up snacks and leftovers. If you clean these splatters, you now have an easy way to quickly heat up a snack or quick meal.

Or your fridge might be so full of old leftovers that you can't find new food before it goes bad. Take time to completely clean out the fridge and wipe down the shelves so that you have a sparkling area to organize your perishable food items.

When cleaning your appliances, make sure that you tend to both the interior and the exterior.