How To Thoroughly Clean Your Pre-Owned House

Did you just get a great deal on a pre-owned house because you bought it as is. If so, you probably have to go in and completely clean it before you can live in it comfortably. If that is the case, from cleaning the bathrooms to hiring a carpet cleaning service, here are some ideas on how to thoroughly clean your pre-owned house.

Have A Work Party Day - Consider asking family members and close friends to help you clean your house. 

  • If you have a large group to help you do the cleaning, you can probably do the entire job in a few hours or at least in one or two days.
  • Make a list of everything that needs to be done, including detail work. For example, if your pre-owned house came with a refrigerator, include Refrigerator Cleaning on your list.
  • Before you start working, gather your friends and show them the list you have compiled. Ask them if they will put their name next to the chore they want to complete.
  • Don't forget to buy plenty of cleaning supplies so that those who are working won't have to take turns using a limited supply. For example, give each person a caddy that contains things like rags, scouring pads, cleaning supplies and paper towels. 

Get Professionals To Do Major Jobs - Some jobs might be too big for your group to complete.

  • For example, if the carpets are stained it might be a good idea to hire a carpet cleaning service, like Ewaka Professional Cleaning Services, to do the job. The workers will bring special equipment and commercial strength cleansers to make sure the carpet gets a deep cleaning.
  • The same carpet cleaning service will more than likely also clean tile floors, including the grout which seems to get extra nasty.
  • Save the carpet and floor cleaning until the very end so that they won't get dirty again while you are doing the rest of your cleaning.
  • If you have hard-to-reach windows, consider getting professionals to do that job, too.

If you do have a work party that includes friends and family members, it would be a very nice thing for you to treat everyone to an after-cleaning-day meal. Since you'll be wearing your work clothes it might be a good idea for you to order take out. Choose something like pizza or submarine sandwiches that are easy to serve. And have plenty of bottled water and sodas on hand, too.