A Quick Guide To Understanding Why Your Office Needs Regular Carpet Cleanings

Whether you have a single person on your payroll who is responsible for cleaning your office or you outsource it to a company that sends several people to do so, it is a good idea to consider allowing your carpet to be deep cleaned on a regular basis. In addition to improving the appearance of the carpet, that deep cleaning provides numerous health benefits, including improving the indoor air quality. Therefore, if it has been a while since the carpets in your office have been cleaned or if you aren't sure they have ever received that service, you should be aware of the following information. 

Asthma And Other Respiratory Issues Can Be Triggered By Dirty Carpets

It is important to note that vacuuming will often only remove surface level dirt from the carpet. So, it's great for picking up lint, dust balls, and similar items, but does virtually nothing for anything deeper within the carpet strands.  Since allergens and pollutants from outside nestle within the carpet, those contaminants can remain for a significant period of time. The same is true of unhealthy scents, including chemicals, as well as pet dander and dust mites.

Unfortunately, if anyone with chemical sensitivities, allergies, asthma or similar concerns comes into your office, he or she could easily experience a flare-up of their symptoms due to the dirty carpet. By extension, it's easy to see why your carpets need to be professionally cleaned. 

A Deep Cleaning Now, Using The Right Chemicals, Can Permit The Carpet To Stay Cleaner Longer 

If you are not familiar with the advances that have occurred in recent years in the carpet cleaning industry, you might be surprised at the different services your carpet can receive. For instance, you can opt for a carpet protector to be applied to it, which would repel the majority of spills that it comes into contact with for up to two years. However, you should verify the warranty on your carpet or the manufacturer's recommendations, as it cannot be used on polyester carpet fibers.

In addition, if your office is animal-friendly or if you have many people coming in and out throughout the day who might be unknowingly transporting a strand or two of pet hair that can then lodge in your carpet, you should discuss fur repellent treatments with your carpet cleaning expert. In some instances, they can be applied after a deep clean. You are then likely to find that fur doesn't dig as deeply into the carpet as it used to and thus, is removed more easily by cleaning staff in the future.         

In conclusion, deep carpet cleanings will not only make it more pleasant to spend time in your office, it might also keep visitors and staff healthier. As a result, it's best to consider the above information when you're planning for the janitorial services of your office. Check out a website like revolutioncarpetcleaners.com for more information on carpet cleaning services.