Need Deep Office Cleaning On Occasion? Check A Few Minor Details After The Initial Service

Managing an office space is a long-term responsibility, which means you will need to keep everything operational and the area clean as long as you are working there. When you have just a few employees, it might not be difficult to keep things clean on your own along with occasional office cleaning services. As you gain more employees and start to take on more important projects, however, you will not want to spend time and effort on cleaning. If you know that you will need thorough cleanings on multiple occasions, such as before an audit or a meeting with an important client, you should know what to analyze afterward in order to make sure that the cleaning service is doing the proper job.

Furniture Cushions

Whenever you get office cleaning, you know that the main areas will be cleaned. However, a deep cleaning includes just about everything in the office space. One place that you can start to analyze the service is with the furniture cushions. Flip over every furniture cushion in the office and see if the backs have been cleaned of all dirt and stains. You also want the areas underneath the cushions to be clean of all dirt and crumbs that might have been hiding away.

Lamp Shades

Another aspect of deep office cleaning is making sure that all lighting fixtures are free of dust. Inspect all the lamp shades that you have around the office to see how clean they are. You do not want a potential client sitting on a chair or couch to look over and see a dusty lamp shade. A lamp shade holder with an intricate design may not be that easy to clean, but it is worth paying attention to because the fact that light comes from this area means that dust will stand out more.


In an office, it is inevitable for cables to be everywhere. Computers, printers, modems, routers, and lamps are just a few examples of electronics with cables that you will need to maintain. When these cables are bunched together, it is easy for dust to build up in small gaps and underneath them. Get down and take a close look at the cables after a deep cleaning to make sure that the professionals thoroughly cleaned these areas.

Inspecting several details that are easy to miss will help you find business cleaning services that you feel confident using for routine deep cleanings.