Why You Should Consider An Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Company

The next time you need to have your carpets cleaned, you should consider looking for a company that can do the job in an eco-friendly way. While it may take a bit of extra time to find this type of company, you will be glad you did once the work is done. Here are a few of the many benefits of going with a company that tries to protect the environment, and in doing so will protect your family and carpets.

Protect Children and Pets

Children and pets spend a lot of time on your carpets. They roll around and play, take naps, and sometimes even have a picnic and eat on them. When you use a regular carpet cleaning company you are putting toxic chemicals into the fibers. These chemicals can be absorbed into the skin of anyone spending much time on the carpet. In addition, some of the chemicals will end up in the air and in the ductwork. This can cause respiratory problems to everyone as they breathe.

Protect the Carpet

Because there are no harsh chemicals, and less water is used during eco-friendly carpet cleaning, it does less damage to the fibers of the rugs you clean. While the chemicals are efficient at breaking up any dirt, oil, or other fluids and debris that may be in the carpet, they can also break down the carpet fibers. In addition, most chemicals require more water to rinse any residue. This excess water creates a good place for mold and/or mildew to grow, further damaging the fibers.

Protect the Environment

The chemical-laden water that is heated into steam and forced into the carpets for cleaning is eventually extracted. This water now contains not only the dirt from your carpet but all the chemicals too. No matter how it is disposed of, the chemicals will leech into the ground or end up in the ground water. This can be detrimental and even life-threatening to any wildlife in the area and to any plants that are growing.

Do not allow your family, pets, and landscaping to be harmed because of the way you clean your carpets. Take the time to vacuum up any solid debris and sop up any liquids. When you do need to have them professionally cleaned, make sure the company does not use chemicals or harsh detergents. If they are using steam to help with the cleaning, make sure they use as little water as possible and extract it all.

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