4 Major Benefits Of Dry Carpet Cleaning

All type of carpeting needs to be cleaned regularly, whether it is located in a house, office, or hotel. Many people are familiar with traditional carpet cleaning that uses hot water and a cleaning solution to cleanse the carpet, but fewer people know about dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is a process that uses dry cleaning solvents and very minimal moisture to deep clean carpet. There are a number of benefits of dry carpet cleaning, such as:

No Down Time for Drying

One of the biggest benefits to dry carpet cleaning is the fact that there is no down time while waiting for the carpet to completely dry. This is a huge advantage for places like offices and hotels, since they have regular foot traffic and it is difficult to block off areas for hours at a time so freshly cleaned carpet can dry. Homeowners also appreciate dry carpet cleaning because it allows them to replace their furniture and resume their normal household activities without having to worry about walking on the carpet.

Little to No Risk of Problems

Since dry carpet cleaning uses little to no moisture, this method of carpet cleaning typically does not cause any unforeseen problems. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning with soap and water, dry carpet cleaning does not create the risk of mold growth in the carpet pad or bad smells due to insufficient drying or too much moisture being used during the cleaning process. 

Deep Clean

The technology used in dry carpet cleaning ensures a deep clean all the way down to the bottom of the carpet fibers. The cleaning compound powders used in dry carpet cleaning are very efficient and do an excellent job at removing both surface stains and stains that extend down to the carpet pad. After the dry cleaning powder is applied to the carpeting, strong rotating brushes will work the powder through the carpet fibers, and then the powder will be removed with a high-powered vacuum, removing all of the dirt, dust, debris, and residue that was in the carpet.

Safe and Environmentally-Friendly

The dry cleansing powders used during a dry carpet cleaning procedure are almost all biodegradable and contain little to no chemicals. This type of carpet cleaning process is safe for homes with pets and children. In addition, when you choose the dry carpet cleaning procedure, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that gallons of water are not being wasted during the cleaning process.