3 Tips For Keeping Your Work Electronics Clean

If you work in an office, some of the dirtiest things in the office are often your electronics. Although your professional cleaners may clean your computer areas occasionally, it is important that you keep this area clean on your own as well. Here are a few ways to keep your computer area clean.

#1 Wipe Down Your Phone & Tablet

Your phone and tablet are probably two of the dirtiest items in your computer area that you use on a regular basis. They are also equipment that you may often take home, so they are not likely to get cleaned by the professional cleaning staff. To clean your phone and tablet, put a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. It doesn't need to be 100% rubbing alcohol, it can be 70%.  

Turn off your phone and tablet. Use one cotton ball for each side of your phone and tablet (a total of four cotton balls) to clean away the germs. You don't need to soak the cotton ball; it just needs to be a little damp. You don't want to damage your electronic items.

You should do this at least once a week to get rid of germs on your personal electronic equipment.

#2 Magically Erase Away The Dirt On Your Keyboard

A lot of residue can build up on your computer keyboard. Look at your keyboard closely and you are going to see a lot of mysterious junk that has built up on your keys, especially on the keys that you use the most. Turn your computer off when cleaning your keyboard or disconnect your keyboard from your computer.

To clean your keyboard quickly and easily, use a magic eraser (or similar product) to wipe down your keyboard. Just swipe it across your keys and it will pick up and remove all the residue on the keys and in between the keys as well. Just make sure that there is not any water in the magic eraser when you use it.

#3 Sticky Note Away The Crumbs

If you can still see some food or dirt on your keyboard, get out a few sticky notes. Take the sticky note on the sticky side, and slide it next to each row of keys so it rests up against them. The dirt and crumbs should stick to the sticky note. You may want to use a new note for each row of keys on your keyboard; be sure to run the note along all the edges of your keys to get rid of all the dirt.  

The office cleaning staff may dust and clean your general computer area, but it is really up to you to clean the personal electronics that you use and potentially take home on a daily basis. Check with a company like Windsor Maid Services for more cleaning tips.